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Kingdom Talk Broadcast Bible Study Online04-10-14
Online Bible Study without Walls-KTALK 04-03-2014
WHM on KTALK Christian Radio Network03-24-2014
Word Harvest Ministries Sunday Worship 03-16-2014
Kingdom Talk Live Broadcast 03-11-14


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Kingdom Talk Broadcast Bible Study Online04-10-14

Join Pastor Mike Colston on Kingdom Talk Broadcast for this week Bible Study Online.
This lesson will encourage you as believers, to trust your life to the voice of the Holy Spirit, so that you will have divine results in all aspects of your life.

Follow The Voice of The Holy Spirit!


Thank you Lord Jesus for The Blood that covers all people! 

Thank you Lord for your redemptive blessings!

Feed you inner man with 24/7 non stop Praise and Worship, Contemporary Gospel, Christian Rap/Hip-Hop music and Christian News You Can Use.

Online Bible Study without Walls-KTALK 04-03-2014

Join Pastor Mike Colston for Online Bible Study without Walls on KTALK Christian Radio Network.  

Search yourself with these questions.
1. Are you a Christian?
2. Can other people identify  you as a Christian?
3. Do you know that GOD expects certain actions and attitudes of you? 

What Does GOD Expect of You as a Christian?
 Click the player below.

Feed your inner man with  Praise and Worship, Contemporary Gospel
and Christian Rap/Hip Hop music 24/7 Commercial Free listening on: 

WHM on KTALK Christian Radio Network03-24-2014

Words can be powerful, yet they can be weak depending on the circumstance and the season they are spoken in. A spoken word can be the seed that it takes to provide a harvest of realities.

Join Pastor Mike Colston and Word Harvest Ministries for Pt.2 of "Your Words Can Produce A Harvest"                                                                               

Word Harvest Ministries Sunday Worship 03-16-2014

Words can be powerful. Listen to Pastor Mike Colston as he teaches on "Your  Words Can Produce a Harvest" Pt.1 on the Kingdom Talk Broadcast.  

Listen to Kingdom Talk Christian Radio Network here Monday through Saturday 24/7 commercial free. If you have a favorite Christian song that you would like to hear, please leave your request in the comment section below.  

Don't miss Wednesday Night "Bible Study Without Walls" coming soon, as we deliver the most current Christian news, Praise and Worship music and the Word of GOD.

Kingdom Talk Live Broadcast 03-11-14


WHMINC Sunday Morning Worship/Kingdom Talk Broadcast 03-02-14

The bible is the truth. It is the compass of GOD'S word. It will direct you into all truths for every circumstance in your life daily.

Join Word Harvest Ministries Sunday morning teaching, as Pastor Mike teaches on "Tell Me the Truth". Share this teaching with friends and family and watch how GOD'S blessings increase in your life.

We want to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell us how GOD is blessing you.

Do you have a prayer request? Do you know someone that needs prayer.

Prayer changes all things when two or more come together touching anything.

WHMINC.TV / Kingdom Talk Broadcast 02-25-2014

Have you ever ask GOD this question, "What About Me Lord?" From time to time we see others moving forward and it looks like we are standing still. We pray and sometimes it seems like our prayers never even get pass the ceiling.
Someone is always praying for you here at Word Harvest Ministries.

Join us as we bring you one of our favorites broadcast from the archives of WHMINC.TV, please listen to Pastor Mike, Sister Dee and Lady Lynn as we bring you Praise and Worship music and Christian News that is relevant for today.

Word Harvest Ministries/Kingdom Talk Broadcast 02-16-2014

Join Word Harvest Ministries for Sunday morning worship services on the Kingdom Talk Broadcast. Listen below as Pastor Mike Colston teaches on "Who Shall be Able to Stand?"
1st. Corinthians 3: 10-23

Each one of us from time to time are placed in different circumstances each day, where we are placed under a test and we have to make decisions, which become our stand. Are you passing the test, are you taking the right stand? Are you following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing or saying?

Kingdom Talk Broadcast of WHMINC 02-09-2014

 Join Kingdom Talk as we broadcast last Sunday morning teaching 02-09-14, from Word Harvest Ministries. Listen as Pastor Mike Colston teaches on
 "The Cost of Compromise"  

Pastor Mike deals with what the bible says you must not do to compromise the Word of GOD. 

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Do you need prayer or do you know someone who is in need of prayer?

Kingdom Talk Bible Study Without Walls 02-5-2014

GOD is good all the time and all the time He is good!

Kingdom Talk is on via the archives of WHMINC.TV with Pastor Mike, Sister Dee and Lady Lynn. Listen here as we bring you Praise and Worship music, Christian News and a word direct from GOD.

Listen to Pastor Mike teaching on:
"Taking Communion"

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