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Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study 01-22-2015
Kingdom Talk Weekly Online Bible Study 01-04-2015
Kingdom Talk Broadcast 12-22-2014WHMINC.TV
Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study12-12-14
Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Sudy12-06-2014


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Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study 01-22-2015

Join Pastor Mike Colston and Word Harvest Ministries as we come to the end 21 days of fasting and praying. In this weeks online bible study, learn about being and staying committed to GOD while you are in the fast. Make a personal commitment to serve the Lord and do His will. Be willing to trust in His promises. Stay Committed in The Fast.

We want to pray for you here at Word Harvest Ministries. If you need prayer you can leave a prayer request in the (Contact Us) section of the website. We will pray corporately for your prayer needs.

Kingdom Talk Weekly Online Bible Study 01-04-2015

ThankGOD for letting you and I see 2015! Join Pastor Mike Colstonfor this week's online Bible Study . Learn about
"What Happens When You Fast and Pray?" Just click on  the player .  When you Fast and Pray it brings you into a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus.
Join me and Word Harvest Ministries this month, as we Fast and Pray for 21 days starting January 4, 2015 until January 25, 2015. Doing this time we will be seeking the will of GOD for the church and the outreach ministry for 2015.

Kingdom Talk Broadcast 12-22-2014WHMINC.TV

Join Pastor Mike Colston as he brings a teaching from the archives of WHMINC.TV videos. The relationship of Sowing and Reaping is taught a lot, by different ministries from a monetary value attached to offerings.

This lesson deals with sowing and reaping to The Spirit and to the flesh. As we end 2014 and look ahead to a new year, it is good to see what we have reaped in the past 12 months. GOD is looking for His people to sow to the Holy Spirit. When that happens we become good harvest for the Lord.

Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study12-12-14

Tell a friend or family member about Kingdom Talk Online Bible study with Pastor Mike Colston. Share this lesson with someone else about the "The Truth of GOD".
This teaching is coming from the archives of WHMINC.TV.

Click the link below.

Doing this time of the year a lot of people suffer with depression. For some it may be the first Christmas season with out a love one or maybe someone is dealing with illness or financial  problems.  We would like to pray for you, your friend or family.

Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Sudy12-06-2014

Join Pastor Mike Colston for one of the teachings from the church's archives. After the announcement of no indictments against police officers who have taken the life of young black men in the United States of America, we need to  not focus on violence but only Trust GOD.

Fear is not of GOD but faith is what He ask of us. We should not fear man but always fear the Lord. We must reference Him in everything that we do. GOD is consistence. He never changes. The 10 Commandments have not changed since GOD gave them to Moses in

Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study11-26-14

Get ready to receive GOD'S word, with Pastor Mike Colston as he teaches on Thanking GOD for More Than Enough. Click the player below.

Poverty is not of GOD. GOD is the GOD of More Than Enough. His Holy word is filled with prosperity affirmations and it includes supernatural economic prosperity.

We praise GOD for you each day , for you being a visitor to our blog.

We want to thank you for your support of the ministry. Please pray for the ministry as we stay focus on the calling that GOD has assigned to Word Harvest Ministries.

Kingdom Talk Weekly Online Bible Study11-19-2014

Get your bibles, pad and pen and get ready for this week's online bible study with Pastor Mike Colston. Tell a friend or family member to listen to this broadcast. Click the player below.

Listen and learn how to walk in the character of GOD. You have to be in harmony with the character and the will of GOD to develop a relationshipwith Him. Please share this with non-believers and believers.

Come and get your Praise and Worship on each day 24/7 with
KTALK All Christian Radio!

Visit our All Christian Radio Network station website page.

Kingdom Talk Online Weekly Bible Study11-11-14

Start your week off with Kingdom Talk Online Bible Study.
Join Pastor Mike Colston for this powerful word from the Lord.
"Watch Spiritually"Grab your bibles and click the player below.
Jesus tells His disciples not to inquire of when the worldwill end , for no man knows the day and the hour. As believers we are commanded to watch and pray. We should always be watching spiritually.

Share this bible lesson with a friend or family member so they will not be found a sleep when Jesus returns.

Don't become a Wimpy Dimpy Christian.

Kingdom Talk Broadcast Weekly Online Bible Study11-01-2014

It's Bible Study time. Go and tell a friend or a family member to log onto Kingdom Talk with Pastor Mike Colston as he teaches on "What's In Your Hand?" If you need healing, open up your hand. If you need a job, open up your hand, If you need GOD to place His  hand in your hand, open up your hand. Click and listen to the player below.

Listen as Pastor Mike covers (5) things that will remove blessings from your hand. 

CanWe Pray for Youor someone close to you? I believe that GOD is still in the business of answering prayers, if you touch and agree with 2 or 3 other believers who pray the same prayer for you.

Kingdom Talk Broadcast Online Bible Study10-22-2014

Dive into the Word of GOD with Pastor Mike Colston on this week's Online Bible Study.  GOD is Able! He is able to provide somebody to come along side you if you are physically sick, financially broke, spiritually broke and mentally depressed. Click the player below.

Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. I believe in healing and I believe in prayer.
Do you have a prayer need today? Let's pray together for GOD to move on your behalf.
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